Planning: Preschool Themes I Intend To Write

This post will be updated frequently as I have more ideas for themes that I intend to write for Preschool.  As I complete these themes, I will remove them from the list.  As long as I have not written them, they will remain on the list!  The list of themes is not necessarily in the order that I intend to write them!  Feel free to comment and suggest changes or additional themes.  Each bullet point begins with the theme; inside the parentheses are individual topics for each day of the week.

* Simple Machines

* Construction

* Reptiles (intro, snakes, lizards, crocodiles and alligators)

* Dinosaurs (intro, plant-eaters, meat-eaters, flying)

* Trees (parts of trees, fruit trees, evergreen trees, using trees, animals and trees)

* Backyard Birds (mockingbird, robin, blue jay, cardinal, house sparrow)

* Pumpkins (parts, growing, eating, decorating, playing)

* Teddy Bears

* Space (stars and suns, planets, comets, moons)

* Fall

* Winter

* Spring

* Summer

* Flowers (parts of a flower, daisies, roses, marigolds, tulips)

* Indian Jungle

* Farms

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