Craft: Rocket


paper towel tube

sheet of paper

glue bottle

markers and anything else desired to decorate


1.  Hold the paper vertically and cut the bottom 1/4 off.  Cut the smaller rectangle into three similarly sized rectangles.

2.  Let children decorate the larger rectangle of paper and the paper towel tube.  The paper towel tube represents the body of the rocket.

3.  Roll the small rectangles around your thumb and glue to form three small cylinders to represent engines.  Saturn V, the rocket the US used to send men to the moon, actually had five engines.  15 Saturn V models were built–each over 36 stories in height–and three are on display in NASA visitor centers in Houston, Florida, and Alabama.  Visit the Smithsonian‘s website for more information!

4.  Glue the engines together, then glue them inside the bottom of the rocket.

5.  Bend the top centimeter of the paper towel tube in to form a small tab.  Fold the larger paper rectangle into a cone.  Put glue on the tab and press the cone firmly onto the top of the rocket to form a command module.  Let dry thoroughly.  If desired, you can put yellow tissue paper in the engines like fire burning off the rocket!

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